Mental health care
for parents and guardians of
children with special needs.
When a child receives a diagnosis of a special need, parents and guardians enter a new world. This can bring about stress and fear. There is little emotional support available for the parents/guardians at such a challenging time. ODODO provides a parents/guardian centered support.

The purpose of ODODO is to improve the mental health of parents so that they can be happier, healthier and better able to cope with life. The provision of a parent/guardian – engaged support can improve the quality of life for both the parent and the child with special needs.

ODODO brings together:

Professional knowledge of the Special Educational Needs sector

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques

Yoga Therapy

Personal and Professional Coaching

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets to find you”


Our services
We bring together experience and knowledge, offering:
Workshops on building self-awareness, resilience and positive coping-strategies.
One-to-One Sessions
One-to-One thought-provoking and creative coaching-sessions to look at life from a different perspective.
Workplace talks
Talks organised by employers to improve wellbeing of their employees.
Online Courses

Online educational courses that bring positive changes into daily routines.

Coming September 2018

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What Clients Say?

“We were put at ease straight away in the workshop. A few weeks later and I’m continuing with the new habits. What we covered equipped us to make a long lasting impact."


“Catherine’s integrated approach gave me a space I hadn’t felt in a long time. I discovered ways to approach life in an easier way and I am sleeping much better”

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ODODO has been developed by Catherine O’Brien, a special-needs teacher, personal and business coach, yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator and meditation student.

“In meetings with parents of children with special-needs, I realised there were very few supports available to care for parents’ mental wellbeing.”

Stories of isolation and difficulties encountered in coping with the balance of stress and happiness in their lives led to ODODO.

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Children with Special Needs need a lot of support.  At times, this support does not come quickly or how we had imagined.  This article is a reminder that at all times, you need to be gentle on yourself and on those who work with your child. My favourite book is...

“I took a deep breath, and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am”

Sylvia Plath

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