How can Inner Change lead to Outer Transformation?

This is the question that guides my work


I’m Catherine O’Brien.  I specialise in workplace and personal wellbeing.  I am an Educator, Coach and Writer.

I have created custom programmes and worked with social enterprises, the Dept of Education, start-ups and individuals.

I have a dedicated yoga and mindfulness practice for over fifteen years.  Having trained in India and many other international retreat centres.  Academically, I have studied Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Education.  These aspects inform my personalised Mindfulness Programmes.

ODODO stands for One Day….. or Day One?

Instead of telling yourself One day I’ll do this or that…. Let today be your Day One.

My coaching programmes are bespoke and innovative.  My approach is to bring together the mind, body and soul.  This enables you to improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

I teach topics such as emotional intelligence, communication strategies, workplace wellbeing, mindfulness for life and business and creating the mindful organisation.

I explore different ideas on mindful living, career change, and ideas that challenge my thinking.


I write articles that explore the connections of the mind and body and explore mindfulness in the day-to-day.

The Sunday Edit is a weekly newsletter.  I share an essay and content that inspired me this week.

I am inspired by the natural world, travelling, deep conversations and life-long learning.


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Harness Your Inner Resources

ODODO provides coaching, training and development, content, and a community to help you work smarter not harder. Research-backed strategies that you can apply anytime and carry with you everywhere.