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ODODO stands for One Day….. or Day One?

Is today the day you’re going to invest in yourself, start a journey of self-exploration.  Get the obstacles out of your way.  Or will you do it one day, a day that never seems to arrive?

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We look at solutions to problems we all encounter.  We look at our patterns of behaviour.

I am a former marketer and primary-school teacher.  In both roles, I was fascinated by human behaviour.  Why are we doing what we do?  Why are we reacting the way we do?  Our complexities were what inspired me to launch ODODO.  How can we better prepare ourselves to get through this one wild and precious life

I am a life coach and mindfulness teacher.  I am a passionate learner and I have studied with the Irish Lifecoach Institute, Dr Rick Hanson,  and I am currently training with the University of Oxford’s Mindfulness Center as an Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) facilitator.  I have a 300-hour yoga teacher qualification and I love it when a conversation with someone leads me to learn something new.


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Coaching allows you to discover your own answers that are deep inside you.  You are enabled to discover your own truth and take action.


Since 2018, we have been running powerful workshops and courses designed for people who want to make a difference 


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ODODO provides coaching, training and development, content and a community to help you work smarter not harder. Research-backed strategies that you can apply anytime and carry with you everywhere.