Hello 👋 I’m Catherine.  A Writer, Educator, Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. 

I launched ODODO in 2018, it stands for One Day….. or Day One?

With a background in education, I left my primary teaching career and began creating a new career.  I used to tell myself One day I’ll do this….  one day I’ll do that…  Funny enough, one day, I was asked when is your day one?  I realised I was doing a lot but not being specific on any one thing.

ODODO is my day one and it can be yours too.  It is the place I show up to write and and make sense of my perspective of the world.  It is where I write about living a mindful life, one with intention and direction.  How to discover ones values and bring attention inwards.

ODODO is where I write about mindful living, career change, and essays on ideas that challenge my thinking. 

ODODO is a service business.  I coach people and teach mindfulness.  I have curated and delivered courses on Mindful Living, Compassionate Communication, Happiness and Living Mindfully and 8-Week Mindfulness Based programmes.  I am studying with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre on their Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life (MBCTL) trainer programme.  I have a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from the School of Santhi, Kerala, India and have completed many silent retreats around the world.  

 ODODO is also a weekly Sunday newsletter.  I share an essay and content from around the world that has inspired me this week.

I am inspired by the natural world, travelling, deep conversations and learning.  ODODO has taught me to expect the unexpected and I invite you to join me




Coaching allows you to discover your own answers that are deep inside you.  You are enabled to discover your own truth and take action.


Since 2018, we have been running powerful workshops and courses designed for people who want to make a difference 


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