How can Inner Change lead to Outer Transformation?

This is the question that guides my work


I’m Catherine O’Brien.  I’m an educator, an accredited coach and writer.

I am curious about making mindfulness accessible.  How can we develop habits so they become a part of us?  I care about this topic because I have experienced and continue to experience the benefits first hand.  And I want to share these lessons to help others.

Every Sunday, I publish The Sunday Edit newsletter, exploring topics related to making mindfulness accessible.  Such as breath work, creativity and the power of noticing.

These articles are for knowledge workers who want to feel more creative, grounded and content within.


I have created custom training programmes and worked with social enterprises, the Dept of Education, start-ups and individuals.

I cover topics such as:

  • Making mindfulness accessible
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Working from home / life balance
  • Mindfulness for life and business
  • Creating the mindful organisation.

I have a dedicated yoga and mindfulness practice for over fifteen years.  Having trained in India and many international retreat centres.  Academically, I have studied Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Education.  These aspects inform my personalised Mindfulness Programmes.

ODODO stands for One Day….. or Day One?

Instead of telling yourself One day, I’ll do this or that… Let today be your Day One.

I am inspired by the natural world, deep conversations, having fun and life-long learning.


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Harness Your Inner Resources

ODODO provides creative wellbeing coaching, training, and development.  If your interest is piqued, give your boss a nudge and see if you can get them to commit to bringing us on board as part of your workplace wellness programme. 

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