Having worked as a teacher in both mainstream and special-school settings, Catherine saw the significant lack of resources available to families of children with special needs. This situation, which caused undue stress, was frustrating for all concerned.

Along with teaching experience, Catherine is a qualified yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator, life coach and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) facilitator student, currently studying through the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Drawing on her knowledge and experience she formed ODODO.

Research shows that the mental health of parents who become carers at a young age can suffer. Navigating the world of special needs is challenging.

ODODO was formed to ease these challenges, to give parents and caregivers resources to make the special needs journey that bit easier. Stories of isolation and difficulties encountered in coping with the balance of stress and happiness in their lives also inspired ODODO.

Ease of availability of services needs to improve. Resources need to become more easily available for families who are isolated due to where they live and isolated due to their having to give their children constant attention. The Special Education system needs more resources.

The online courses are developed with you, the parent of a child with a special need in mind.

Having worked closely both with families and within the education system, Catherine has an empathetic, reasoned approach to the situations with which her clients have come to her.