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How are you today?  Do you feel held-back?  Uninspired?  Stuck?

Is there a what-if question at the back of your mind?  Has your confidence taken a dip?

And despite this, you can feel that there is something else, something different out there for you and you are ready to explore?

You’re not alone, this was me.  I knew I wanted to do something different but I couldn’t find the answer.  I bought books and tried to navigate a different way in the world.  It didn’t happen overnight.  Someone recommended I go to her coach and things started to come together. 

I got clarity and I realised that a lived life is one that evolves.

Coaching is a relationship built on answering pretty great questions.  You are given a key to unlock potential buried deep within.

Nothing in life goes in a straight line.  My journey was from a combination of workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions, and classes.


I trained with the Irish Lifecoach Institute, Dr Rick Hanson and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  I combine the skillset from the three on my own reflection and those I coach.  I still work with a coach, a mentor and I have a group of people who hear out my ideas and reflect back to me.  We’re all a work-in-progress and I love this.  


I have created two options for you to help you get from here to there.



Something is holding you back and you can’t figure out what.

You want to stop thinking and wishing and ACT.


One hour.

I’ll ask you questions and together we will pull out the clarity you are looking for on a topic.

We will possibly:

  • Explore what you already know and connect this to what you what to know
  • Take the first step – the step that can be the scariest
  • Look at incorporating mindfulness into your practice
  • Explore your self-talk and how it holds you back or propels you forward

After the call, I will send you resources to help you continue your work.

*  This is a stand-alone session.  For some people, progress happens when they have someone to hold them accountable for their follow-through actions.

The Four-Month coaching package does this and more.  If you feel after one session that accountability would benefit you, you can easily upgrade within two weeks of your session.


I am flexible with your schedule.  When do you have an hour where you are free from interruptions?

Send me an email –


Over Zoom, or face-to-face if we are close by


If not you who?  If not now, when?


€180 + VAT






You know that change takes time and you are ready to invest in yourself.

You have an idea and want to figure it out.

You want accountability and support as you explore and move forward.


Six sessions – one hour each.

Weekly email check-in, with resources to assist you.

You create a list of goals, I keep you on track.  Some weeks will move faster than others.  That is ok.  Patience is the key to change.  Change comes from taking small steps.

My role is that I have belief in you when you might not have it in yourself.  I coach you, bring in mindfulness training, and help you review what is working and what isn’t.  I keep you from getting stuck in the mud of a belief that you can’t do something.

I tease out answers from you, my role isn’t to give advice or solutions.  With good questions, you verbalise your answers and discover your ability.

We will possibly:

  • Brainstorm ideas, solutions, and a way forward
  • Self-talk and its affects on you
  • Your view of success
  • How you contribute to the world
  • New habit formation

I send you a recap of the session and resources tailored to help your journey.  You have a schedule to complete before our next meeting.

Sessions are two to three weeks apart.



Interested in this investment?  Let’s discuss making a schedule.

Send me an email –


Over Zoom, or face-to-face if we are close by


If not now, when?  If not you, who? – Hillel the Elder


€1000 + VAT

Are you interested but want to know more?

send me an email and we can organise a call.

This is a free service and no commitment expected at the end.

Harness Your Inner Resources

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