What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship built on powerful and sometimes difficult questions.  People love answers, they don’t necessarily love being asked questions.  The beauty of these questions is that you allow yourself to come up with your own answers.  These answers that are deep inside of you so that you can uncover and discover your own truth and take action

You have to be coachable on the things that are hard to learn about yourself in order for it to work.

Do you understand the habits of your mind (your thinking, mindset, bias and beliefs) and how they affect you, others and those around you? 

Do you love learning and taking notes and the feel-good factor of a good seminar or book, but you don’t necessarily reflect this back to you?  Do you cling to this feel-good feeling yet there is an aversion to doing the work?

This stuff that makes you most uncomfortable is probably the stuff that really needs changing.  Therein lies the root cause of why you are holding yourself back.

Coaching equips you with practical methods to work on this.  It unlocks your core capacities of Self-Awareness, Empathy, Focus and Emotional Harmony.  When we know how to do this, we discover the possibility of choice, innovation and change.  

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