What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a powerful practice of training our attention.  We pay attention to what is happening here and now.  We observe our thoughts, feelings, and sensations, in a non-judgemental way.

Mindfulness can help interrupt the habit of getting lost in thoughts and drama.  It brings us back to the present moment, away from thinking about the past or future.

Mindfulness is not a one-size-fits-all.  You need to explore the best fit and thus establish a routine that works for your lifestyle.

Mindfulness is a way of living.  We are able to step back frequently and be in the present moment in any given situation.  It cultivates a sense of responding to life through a lens of hope rather than reacting through a lens of fear and agitation. 

Think of it as a mental-health gym.  Regular mindfulness practice helps you develop the ability to be present with this moment, throughout the day, every day.  And that is a pretty great thing to be able to do. 

Evidence-Based results:

Over 3,500 studies have been conducted on mindfulness alone.  As little as ten minutes of mindfulness practice a day, over a period of 8 weeks, shows positive results.

“The benefits of mindfulness include better performance, heightened creativity, deeper self-awareness, and increased charisma – not to mention, greater peace of mind”

Harvard Business Review



One to One over Zoom

The pace and demands of modern life can lead to a feeling of inner chaos, stress, overwhelm and imbalance.  When we reach this state, we feel disempowered and unable to perform to our greatest capacity.

With the right mindfulness practices, conditions for optimal performance, wellbeing, and enjoyment are primed.  These elements are a loop, feeding into each other.  Mindfulness addresses the root of your feelings, sensations, and thought patterns.  

  • An initial session to discuss YOU and identify goals, shadows, and which practices are right for you in your current lifestyle.
  • A personalised plan is developed.
  • We have follow-up check-ins to look at your practice, how it is building and what might need to be adjusted


Mindfulness in the Workplace over Zoom

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

  • Bespoke Workshop or Programme
    • Choose from a range of module themes including:
      • Attention & Focus
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Social Intelligence
      • Creativity
      • Collaboration
      • Compassion & Empathy
      • Communication
        • Mindful emailing
        • Team and Peer communication
        • What are your communication demands?
  • 8-Week Programme
    • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life programme.
    • Weekly sessions for 8 weeks



Mindfulness should not be cost-prohibitive.

Industry rates are charged and a sliding scale is offered, particularly for students, start-ups, and those working in the social sector.

A fifteen-minute consultation is complimentary

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