Learn Mindfulness this Autumn


This course provides fundamental instruction in mindfulness.


Mindfulness  is a way of living where we are able to step back frequently and be in the present moment in any given situation.  Mindfulness cultivates a sense of responding to life through a lens of hope rather than reacting through a lens of fear and agitation. 

Mindfulness won’t eliminate stress or other difficulties in your life, instead, it enables you to be aware of unpleasant thoughts and emotions that arise.  This gives you more choice in how you handle and respond to the situation.  Mindfulness does not mean you’ll never feel anger – rather, it enables you to respond to the situation in a more measured, non-reactive way.  

Living mindfully incorporates elements of meditation.  This course teaches you different meditation techniques alongside practicing ways of checking in with yourself.  Think of it as a mental-health gym.  Regular mindfulness practice helps you develop the ability to be present with this moment, throughout the day, every day.  And that is a pretty great thing to be able to do. 

In the past few years, there has been a great increase in the study of mindfulness and its benefits. This class is appropriate to all with an interest in meditation and everyone is welcome.  The course is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators who wish to maintain their “beginner’s mind.”

On Saturday, October 3rd, I invite you to participate in an online silent retreat from 10 am – 1 pm.  This marks the half-way point of the course.  It is a day for reflection, applying what you’re learning and it is a wonderful chance to sit with yourself and dive deep into your practice.

I have studied the teachings of living mindfully, the power of self-awareness and breath-work.  I have spent time in Buddhist monasteries in Northern India, international retreat centres and I have studied with The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Dr. Rick Hanson, Ser Integral and Sounds True Inc..

Mindfulness is the best investment I’ve made in myself.  The benefits include reduced stress, improved concentration, a greater sense of ease within yourself, a greater sense of happiness, well being and many, many more.


8 week course

Day:  Mondays

Date:  September 7th – October 26th

Time:  7 pm – 8.45 pm

Investment:  €200

Venue:  Online via Zoom

Course Information:

Each session starts at 7pm

The online silent retreat takes place via Zoom on Saturday, October 3rd from 10.am – 1 pm

Prior to the beginning, I will ring you to discuss your participation and so you will understand fully what is involved.

There is a home practice commitment of 40 minutes per day for the duration of this course.  You will be given materials to support you with this.


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