Working Together:

Building Relationships with Compassionate Communication


We have some news!

ODODO are providing an approved EPV Summer Course. All primary and special school teachers are welcome to join.  
EPV Summer Course?  What’s that?

We applied to the Department of Education to deliver an online training course.  This is open to all Irish Primary teachers and teachers entitled to EPV days.  It runs for the month of July

I thought ODODO was for the parents?

You’re right, ODODO is for parents, specifically for parents of children with special needs.  Consequently, from your amazing feedback and conversations, I saw there is another need.

Another need?

Yes, a need to open training to teachers.  This course is based on the School Self Evaluation Policy’s Well-Being Programme.  Included is a lesson covering the relationship between parents and the school.  This course is the first step in nurturing more collaboration from the school’s perspective.

Working Together: Building Relationships with Compassionate Communication and it is available to all teachers here.

So what about us, the parents?

In July, ODODO is launching a course for parents.  This is also online and is self-paced so you can work through it at your pace.

ODODO is working with you the parent and now teachers to build collaborative relationships.

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

To sum up, ODODO set up initially to work with parents of children with Special Needs. Through the valuable conversations and feedback received from some of you, this avenue emerged. Just as you want the best for your child, building collaboration with schools may help this.

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