Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Thrive

We talk to ourselves more than anyone else. Yet, we question other people’s behaviour and motives rather than questioning our own.


The following are open questions.  Here to elicit longer sentences and encourage openness. A nudge to tell more, go deeper.   The belief we have in our negative thinking is one of our worst habits. It rarely, if ever, serves us.

When a scientist tests something in a lab, failure brings her answer closer to an answer.  Rejection is redirection. Adapt a scientific mindset. Look within, ask questions and find clarity.  If you are willing to act on your answers, life can change. As you study and develop wisdom about yourself, positive change is inevitable.

Tips on answering questions:

Approach the following questions with curiosity.  The best answers float up into your consciousness and you can feel they are the right answers.

They are also good journal prompts.

The KEY to answering these questions is to not overthink them. Ask yourself the questions a few times a week. Dropping in a question introduces a new way of thinking might take time to soak in.

Fifteen Questions to Ask Yourself

1: What question should I be asking here?

My number one question.  It creates a mind state where more questions arise. It is a helpful question to reframe you and get you into the zone of asking questions.

2: What’s the worst that could happen?

A scenario may arise, and asking the above, can show you are stronger than you think.   You have already gone through many of your own worst-case scenarios and you’re still here.

3: Does this need to be said?  Does this need to be said by me?  Does this need to be said by me right now?

Think before you speak

4: I have one hour to spend on ME, what do I do?

What do you need right now?

5: What am I reading? What am I watching? Who am I listening to?

The media you consume and the opinions you listen to alter your perception of the world.

6: Following from #5 – How do I feel after consuming the above?


7: Why Worry?

Worry stifles us. Worry is painful and is often based on a future yet to happen and one you cannot predict.

8: Where am I wrong?

We are all wrong from time to time.  Asking yourself where you are wrong holds up a mirror is meeting yourself at eye level.

9: Have I laughed today?

As we grow up, we become quite serious. Rediscover things which bring you joy and laughter.

10: How can I simplify my life?

What can I take out of my life to make it easier?

11: Are my thoughts hurting me or healing me?

What is the mental story you tell yourself?

12: Is this thought true? Are you sure it’s true? Are you really sure this is true?

The first time I was told that thoughts are not real and always true was an eye-opener for me.  Investigate them with kindness and call them out too.

13: Is this what I want to be doing?

Acting on the answer might help you change a pattern e.g. scrolling your phone.

14: If I had the life I’m daydreaming of – then what?

Daydreams can halt us from living fully right now. I know I bang on about the present moment, but right now is all there is. Spend time in nature, pick up the phone, and chat with a friend, go look up at the moon – this is all available now. Some of what you think you need for a perfect life are markers of success by standards you’ve taken on.  Do you really need them?

15: What is my body telling me?

What’s going on underneath everything?  You feel you need to go for a run but your body tells you to take a stretching class instead. You might have a friend and when you leave their company, you feel stress – what’s your body telling you?

Our bodies know better than our thinking minds. Make friends with the body you have, tune into it, listen to what it’s telling you.



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